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Acnes is an internationally skin care brand from Japan. Salicylic Acid & Isopropylmethylphenol enriched Acnes kills bacteria & prevents your skin from Pimple. Acnes offers 3 Step Solution to prevent and cure pimple and Post-Acne Solution to take care of your skin from pimple scar & converts your face with perfect look.

3 Step Solution

3 Step Solution will prevent your skin from pimple & will kill bacteria that causes pimple.

  • Step 1: Creamy Wash: Cleans dirt of face skin & prevents acne
  • Step 2: Soothing Toner: Keep moisture on your face skin
  • Step 3: Sealing Gel: Kills bacteria & prevents from acne

Post-Acne Solution

Post-Acne Solution will make your skin free from scar caused by pimple and will regenerate your skin cell that makes your skin perfect with glowing feel.

  • Step 4: Scar Care Gel: Take care of post acne period by removing dark spots from acne
  • Step 5: Vitamin Cleanser: Take care of post acne period by regenerating the pimple affected cells and makes it healthy, bright & perfect

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