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LipIce is an internationally famous lipcare brand. LipIce LipBalm makes your lip naturally beautiful with UV protected formula & fruity flavor. LipIce Sheer Color magically changes lips to tender pink with it’s mesmerizing variants.

LipIce LipBalm

LipIce LipBalm is a colorless LipBalm range with SPF 15, menthol freshness sensation & various natural exciting fruit aroma with proper moiture.

Flavor Variants

  • Lemon: Exciting lipice LipBalm lemon adds a juicy lemon flavor to your lips.
  • Orange: It’s a lively fun that soft & adorable lips deserve with orange fruity flavor.
  • Strawberry: Protects lips & enhances sensual appeal with strawberry flavor.
  • Raspberry: LipIce LipBalm raspberry gives exotic look to the lips with raspberry flavor.
  • Apple: LipIce LipBalm apple gives the lips fresh & fruity apple flavor.

LipIce Sheer Color

LipIce Sheer Color gives a magical tender pink shade after application & enhances the natural beauty of your lips. Vitamin A, C, E & olive oil keep your lips always soft & smooth.

Flavor Variants

  • Natural: Makes your lips look adorable & charming with natural tender pink color.
  • Strawberry: Makes your lips magical pink with strawberry flavor.
  • Honey: Gives your lips naturally supple & moist pink look with honey flavor.
  • Sparkling Lame: Makes your lips exotic & gorgeous with glittering pink shade.
  • Pinky Orange: Gives your lips pinky orange shade

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