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Face Wash


Vitamin enriched facial wash.

Acnes®Vitamin Cleanser

Take care of post acne period by regenerating the pimple affected cells and makes it healthy, bright & perfect

Skin has natural regeneration capability. But cell regeneration is often affected by pimples, pollutants and bacteria. Even after pimples are cured, regeneration mostly remains affected.

Acnes vitamin cleanser with essential vitamins for skin, washes away dust & pollutants, prevents acne bacteria, helps skin regeneration and makes skin healthy & bright. It also fades out post acne dark spots and makes skin smooth and fresh.

Skin Type
Post Acne, Oily, Pimple Prone.
  • - Vitamin E Prevents oxidization of skin and enhances cell regeneration ensuring spotless skin.
  • - Vitamin B3 Moisturizes skin, inhibits meleanin generation, prevents skin of agin and gives the skin natural fairness.
  • - Vitamin C Eliminates oxygen, fastens collagen fiber creation and cures damages of skin cells caused by pimples.
  • - Vitamin B5 Nourishes skin cells; reduces comedogenic hormone and dullness of skin; tightens the pores and makes skin bright and smooth.
How to use
Squeeze enough gel on fingertip. Apply evenly on pimple areas.
Weight 9 Gram
Product Name Acnes
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